the founders

the founders


Reg&Bob are working hard to cram their seven dog years into one - which is a lot of living to do.  And they aren't letting anything get in the way! 

When they couldn't find collars and leads that let dogs get on and do what dogs do best - they developed their own. 

A range that not only looks fabulous, with vibrant colours and striking stripes but totally practical too - quick release fastenings, secure D rings and minimum maintenance. No shrinking leather, prissy flowers or fading colours - that’s just not dog!  

A selection of collars and leads that mirror the intense emotions that dogs offer their owners - joy, fidelity, drama, fun and of course love.

And not only do they look great on all their pals but owners look good too.


‘designed with practicality in mind

Poppy from Dotty4Paws