Saturday musings.............

September 2018

It’s a bright, sunny September Saturday morning, so what could be wrong in the world?  Well in the world there is quite a lot wrong - but in our world? There shouldn't be much but there are a few things stored away in the ‘worry about later’ compartment - which I will open when I’m ready. Oh, and an overnight text argument with a teenager - unwise at the best of times. So I couldn't wait to sit down to the Saturday papers and relax

Impossible!! How can you relax over your coffee when every section of the paper is lecturing or posturing - showing pictures of how you could Iive a beautifully perfect photogenic life. Three whole pages dedicated to ‘getting back in the saddle’ - where we live everyone is in the saddle, its difficult to find room on the road for your car! Can the headline really be a message to parents to turn their phones off at night? Aren’t there significant world events that we need to be updated on?

And a whole supplement dedicated to interiors - does anyone else find this irritating, especially when you know your whole house could do with a re-fresh (I’m being kind to myself here). I don’t find it inspirational, I find it truly annoying because ‘I can't have that’ . I still find it odd that so many people want to put so much of their life ‘out there’ - whether in words or pictures.

Instagram is blamed for exactly the same, with everyone portraying their ‘perfect’ world. It is often reported that these images of perfection are giving our children an unrealistic view of their future. Well I can safely say that the accounts that Reg&Bob follow are not the same. The dog world is generally a really nice world, full of people who just love their dogs - and there can’t be anything wrong with that. Some accounts really make me laugh out loud and I consider that to be a truly successful post - you know who you are!

At Reg&Bob we post regularly and I don’t believe anyone would think we are leading a perfect life. We try and intersperse our postings with product information - we are a small business after all. Hopefully our followers don’t just see the business angle - only pictures of dog products would be boring surely? But most of the time we post amusing (hopefully) reflections straight from Reg and Bobs’ mouths and what could be more real than that?

Now where’s the crossword?