How’s January going?

January 2019

Norfolk terriers Reg and Bob on a wintery windy day

Not sure how your New Year resolutions are going but over here we have dry January, a caffeine detox and a much needed diet - and it’s a tough gig. It’s half way through the month and we’re still at the tricky stage.

Despite the excesses of Christmas it does strike me that it is the most difficult month of the year to hold back - it’s dark, its cold and actually there are days when the weather has made it quite gloomy.

But the blue sky within this January gloom is Reg and Bob, who have started the New Year exactly how they left the last one - totally the same with not a resolution between them.

And fortunately they have no care for the time of year, the struggles to get up on the dark mornings, the ridiculous alcohol restrictions we inflict on ourselves and certainly no self imposed diets for them - in fact they seem to be permanently parked by the treat drawer hoping to catch one of their Christmas treats.

Reg and Bob on a Winter walk wearing orange stripe collar and lead

Most importantly they are ready for anything and I totally love their enthusiasm. From the dash to the door when they hear you picking up your keys (ignoring the look of disappointment when they realise you are only taking the rubbish out) to the excitement of a long hike around Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common or better still, a trip out of London. And it is this and their constant need for outdoor activity that keeps me going through January. Seeing those gorgeous faces means you absolutely have to get outside and preferably get covered in mud- they are just dogs being dogs after all.

There is nothing better to cement all the good work and to make you feel it’s all worthwhile by taking the boys out for a bracing walk. Despite only being small terriers they require two hefty walks a day and that means you can blow those January blues away morning and afternoon. You can guarantee their cheerful exuberance will make you smile. And if I ever find it more difficult to get out for the dusky afternoon walk you are sure to meet others in the same boat - dog walking is one social event, that’s for sure.

So Reg and Bob in their Reg&Bobs are the real reason I will get through January and if I am lighter, with a regenerated liver then that will be an added bonus.

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Reg and Bob on a wet, muddy walk