The muddy dog clean-up

Everyone knows the Reg&Bob brand is all about dogs being dogs. Which means the boys are tramping through mud, puddles and more importantly swimming on a daily basis.  We may be based in London but rest assured there is no shortage of places to do this, a stones throw from where we live in Fulham.  

There’s no way I would discourage it - whether you have terriers or labradors most dogs are drawn to getting messy,  even if just a roll in fox poo to take the delightful aroma home!

But London living comes with restrictions and this means the post-walk clean up is not for the faint hearted.  Oh for boot rooms and side entrances and outside hot water taps to make life easier.  And open-plan living means we can’t contain the mess - infact Reg and Bob expect to be back on the sofa within minutes of their return. 

So bringing two happy but muddy dogs home after a Richmond romp or a wet Wimbledon walk used to fill me with gloom - not enough to stop them doing it though - that simply wouldn't be fair.

But discovering  SoggyDoggy products has simply changed my life!  You can make your own assumptions about my life, but I’m not as sad as I sound - I just want certain aspects to be hassle free. And whilst I accept that I will rarely be able to find a parking space outside my house, I do want get this next stage over with as easily as possible. 

So first of all, Reg and Bob sit on a SoggyDoggy travel/crate mat in the car boot.  Like all SoggyDoggy products they are made from super absorbent and very durable microfibre chenille and immediately earns it’s keep by starting the drying process.  The padded inner makes it super comfy to sit on - perfect for long journeys. I shake it out to remove the dried dirt and it’s machine washable too.

To shampoo or not to shampoo? Sometimes it’s a cold hose down of the undercarriage at the back of the house but if Reg has rolled in something too awful to bear, then it’s upstairs to the bathroom for a full immersion.  We were pleased to find super smelling totally natural For All Dogkind products and are delighted to be stocking them on our website. Free from any nasties - they can be used by all the family and Dirty Dog is particularly great for removing fox aroma. A little goes a long way so if the family can leave off - one bottle is going to last. 

The drying stage has become a dream with the SoggyDoggy super drying shammy. The chenille noodles make light work of drying - absorbing up to 7x its weight in water. With hand pockets like oven gloves it’s super easy to use and easily dries both dogs. Its the end of piles of damp smelly towels.

The colourful SoggyDoggy door mats are fabulous for drying paws.  It’s at the back door so perfect for garden paws and rolls up for taking on holiday.  As our treat drawer is situated here, they are happy to hang around on the mat so wet paws are easily dealt with.  It’s super comfy too and often a place to chill.

So to complete - a quick squirt of For All DogKind’s Daily Freshner a refreshing blend of organic ingredients to add scent and shine.  As well as eucalyptus, bergamot and peppermint oil it contains neem - a natural flea, tick and  insect deterrent.

So the daily cleanup is done and dusted within minutes of arrival home - regardless of the parking problem.  And don't forget if they’ve really had a blast our collars and leads can be machine washed too.

Happy dogs and very happy me and the bank account is still in tact!

All products are available on our website